Financial Aid Assistance for Ex-offenders

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FAAX - Financial Aid and Assistance for Ex-offenders

A 230 page self-help directory of programs and agencies for ex-offenders to help reintegrate and find assistance in the areas of:

■ justice,
■ health/addiction,
■ employment,
■ welfare,
■ housing,
■ transportation,
■ educational needs
■ emotions and more

FAAX is created by the Family and Friends of Ex-offender Foundation.

The FAAX directory is used by Counselors, Parole and Probation Professionals, Prison Ministries, as well as, current and former inmates, their families and friends who are trying to help ex-offenders get back on the right track.

With a little help and assistance Ex-offenders don't have to be Re-offenders.

Q. Why has the price increased? And what if I can not afford the $19.95?

A. The new, updated version of FAAX is over 200 pages of information. It is more than 100 pages thicker then our first FAAX directory Additional time and effort went into finding new resources and updating and deleting old resources. The additional pages means that the cost of printing and postage also has increased for each directory.

Also we no longer send the unbound print out of the directory because of the increased number of pages, which many institutions do not accept. The 2005 FAAX edition is only available as a soft-cover professionally bound book.

But we do understand not everyone has $19.95, so we still offer FAAX information in the form of a monthly newsletter for $9.95. It highlights key areas and excerpts from the book. We DO accept postage stamps as a form of payment for the newsletter. We DO NOT accept postage stamps as a form of payment for the book.

Q. Is FAAX just some way for someone to make money off of inmates?

A. Actually, no major publishers were willing to publish the FAAX - Financial Aid and Assistance for X-Offender Directory. Publishers felt that inmates are not a good target audience and that it would not produce enough revenue to make it worth their while.

A few individuals put their money, time and effort into FAAX and were determined to publish it and to make it available to those who need and want the information provided in the FAAX directory.